Good news: A new post is coming!

Bad news:   It’s not exactly beer-related.   But is is related to microbiology, food safety, and kitchen sanitation!    And there is a dearth of real information about this specific topic on the web right now so I figured since I can address the topic with original “research”, I’ll put it up here on the blog so others can gain knowledge from it as well.

That’s all I’ll say about that until the results are in.  Expect it in 1-2 weeks, but I have a backpacking trip scheduled for next weekend, so I hope to post it before that.

I’ll also consider what other topics I can post about that are beer-related, as I know I’ve been VERY delinquent in that regard.


3 responses to “Good news: A new post is coming!

  1. I’m intrigued 😉

    Being allergic to foods that have nitrates / nitrites added, I’m always interested in minimising risks when making my own smallgoods. Very keen to see your next post – bring it on!

  2. bullshit 🙂

    Seriously, I am enjoying your blog…please write another entry soon…

  3. Dirty tease 😉 Really hoping you come back to posting sometime. You do a really good job of bridging the gap between the general common knowledge stuff and hard science. I continue to hit your blog on google random searches all the time.

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