Not really a new post

Well, seeing as though I rarely find myself posting here, I suppose all that this site is good for anymore is the archive of posts I’ve managed to assemble. I haven’t forgotten or ignored the site over the last couple months, but I certainly have not been doing much with it. Every once in awhile I get a comment that needs an approval or a reply, but apart from that I’ve had very little time to actually post more content. I still want to post more at some point so I’m not abandoning the site by any means, but I certainly can’t say that I’ll be a prolific poster. The sensory department here at my company is growing by leaps and bounds with new systems and procedures being added all the time, and this means I tend to have little time to do stuff like write for this blog.

That being said, next week I’m traveling to Portland to attend the World Brewing Congress. This is a large meeting of brewing industry professionals and academics from all over the world, held every 4 years. I went to the one in San Diego in 2004, and that was awesome (had an excellent introduction to authentic Brazilian food at Rei do Gado, as well). I hope this year is just as exciting; having a look through the program I see that there are a number of talks and symposiums that sound interesting.

While I’m there I hope to have the opportunity to write some posts (and tweets and the like) about the material I find and the people I meet, so stay tuned! There’s a link to the WBC site in the banner to the lower left if you’d like more information.

4 responses to “Not really a new post

  1. Please continue to post as much as you can – your posts are very interesting! Perhaps you could just post a paragraph a week maybe? Good to hear your department is growing in leaps and bounds!! 🙂

  2. We want more posts! 🙂 Thanks for this blog, I always look forward to reading it, and reference it quite frequently.

  3. BS,

    Do what you have to. It’s great to hear news from your end of the business but I know that sometimes it’s hard to get your point across with just a short post. I don’t think any of your listeners plans on leaving because you don’t have time to enlighten. Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Clay Brackley

    I couldn’t afford the 800 bucks for the WBC so I guess I will have to wait four years. I have been told it is much more informative than CBC. Anyway I look forward to learning vicariously through your posts. Thanks for putting the time in on the site.

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