Sour times in Portland

I guess it’s going to be one of those blogs where posts come few and far between.

Anyway, this weekend some sensory colleagues of mine and I will be assembling in Portland to discuss various matters, as well as to tour local facilities. Part of the focus for some of us is to be tasting various sour beers. Here’s where you come in: know of any pubs and breweries in Portland, Oregon with any sour beers on tap? It’s been awhile since I’ve spent any appreciable time in Portland, and there are likely a number of breweries which didn’t exist the last time I was there.

So if you have any tips or suggestions for establishments that we can darken with our presence, please let me know by the end of the week!

(Maybe I’ll turn it into a post as well)


8 responses to “Sour times in Portland

  1. The Cascade Brewing Barrel House is a must stop for sour beer.

  2. The Cascade Barrel House on SE Belmont near 10th(?) serves almost exclusively sour ales

  3. Cascade Brewing’s sours are some of my favorites. (

  4. Since everyone else said Cascade. See if Upright Brewing has any of their sours on, they had some very delicious beers when I was down there in September.

  5. Cascade Brewing for sure! 8-12 on tap at any time…

  6. Some other potential locations which have been streaming into my inboxes:

    Apex, Bailey’s Taproom, Oregon Beer Odyssey, Breakside Brewing, and The Commons Brewery.

    Keep them coming!

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