How to swirl wine.

It’s not really about beer, but it is about sensory analysis of food products so it will fit in here. And I just can’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you.

I stumbled upon this gem of an article written by a “very knowledgeable” winery tour guide from the Napa valley area. In it, he discusses how the aroma of wine depends on which way you swirl the glass, clockwise or counter-clockwise. The reasons he posits for this are… interesting. You’ll just have to read it for yourself.


Please also note the link at the top leading to an equally entertaining follow-up article where he further attempts to explain his wine prowess and reasoning.

Facepalm, headscratch, mouth agape, etc.


6 responses to “How to swirl wine.

  1. Priceless! I’ll be sure to pass this info along to my staff at the brewpub and I’ll be sure to practice it as often as possible (ha!).

  2. Wine cells? I’m really hoping the wine (or beer) I drink has NO cells, TYVM!

  3. Other than yeast, that is…

  4. I don’t think wine has “cells” as he proclaims in his statement. I understand the grapes have cells just like barley has cells but upon crushing and subsequent Fermentation cell walls are destroyed and removed from the process. Thus the polarity of wine itself dosen’t seem true. Water has a polarity which allows it to attach to all of the nice things in wine and beer and create a solution but I don’t think the direction of the swirling has any effect on which aroma compounds are released. Am I wrong in this line of thinking? Does wine still have “cells”?

    • No, you’re correct. Yeast are cells, grapes have cells, biological organisms have/are cells. A beverage like wine or beer does not have cells, apart from any cells of yeast/mold or bacteria which may be hanging out in it. And the rather amorphous use of “cells, molecules, and atoms” in the article really shows that the author has no real concept of what actually makes up wine, or even basic chemistry.

  5. No Southern Lights? Since when? Apparently he’s never heard of the Aurora Australis.

    The level of belief in psuedoscience by the author is sad.

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