Black Gold and Hop Henge: Two delicious Oregon beers

This week we had two guest beers on taste panel which were really quite nice. One of them even obtained the coveted “Defect-Free?” title which really hasn’t been handed out by our panel before that I recall. Quite a refreshing experience.

First, the Imperial Stout from Full Sail Brewing. This was the beer that the panel could find no appreciable defects in. It was smooth, flavorful, balanced (as Imperial Stouts go), and really quite nice. This beer was apparently aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months, and it shows. Very complex and alcoholic bourbon/whiskey flavors, deep roasted malt characters, and a stomach-warming 11.4% abv. If you like stouts and you enjoy those rich flavors that come along with bourbon-barrel aging, this should be your beer.

Bourbon Barrel

Another beer we had this week makes regular appearances in my fridge at home. It’s my go-to IPA at the moment, since it hasn’t let me down yet. Deschutes Brewing’s Hop Henge Experimental IPA. Not sure what’s experimental about it, unless they are trying to see how much of it they can get me to buy. This IPA is not light on malt flavors, but the crown jewel of this beer is its immense floral and green-hop aromas. And at 9% abv, it’s rather deceptive; it really doesn’t present itself as having that much alcohol. Balanced, refreshing, and tasty, I’ll be coming back to this one next year (it’s one of 3 Bond St. Series IPA’s on seasonal rotation).

Resinous, Green Hop Aroma
Isoamyl acetate

Drink up!

2 responses to “Black Gold and Hop Henge: Two delicious Oregon beers

  1. Delirium Trigger

    I have drank so much Hop Henge that I should own stock in Deschutes at this point. That stuff is unreal amounts of delicious. I thought after this year’s Hop Trip that the Bond St. series had hit it’s ceiling, until I got a taste of this stuff and was hooked.

    I almost bought some of the aged Black Gold today but passed on it. I loved it a year ago when the non-aged version was around and had it at their pub in Hood River. I guess I’ll have to pick up a few bottles at your suggestion, a couple to drink and a couple to age.

  2. The Black Gold was aged a year on bourbon barrels, FYI. I believe the experimental in Hop Henge refers to the brewery’s practice of changing the hops and hopping schedule each year.

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