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Can’t find the beer you want? Trade for it.

Many of you readers are already Redditors so some of you are already aware of this system, but I certainly think it’s worth mentioning for the people who don’t know about it.

Reddit.com is a unique on-line community which is essentially a user-driven news aggregator. Various types of links are constantly being submitted to the site, and they are voted on by the community as to their worth. The highest voted articles get to the front page for maximum visibility. The submissions can range from breaking headlines, to personal stories about tragedy or triumph, to the ubiquitous “lolcats” pictures. Fortunately, Reddit supplies the capability to subscribe to certain “subreddits” (hundreds of them) in which the various types of submissions are categorized, so you can usually filter out the stuff you don’t want to see. It’s a great community with an active and fervent user-base. Best of all, it’s free.

Anyway, they have a subreddit specifically for trading beer. If there is something that you enjoy but can’t find in your area, you can probably find someone who is able to locate it and is willing to trade you for something. Check the rules and guidelines for the various restrictions and procedures that are in place.

So go forth and create! … a user account so you can get that beer you haven’t been able to find since your trip to that other state or country. Also, while you’re there, check out r/SnackExchange (same principal), and r/homebrewing, and r/beer, where lots of discussions take place about those topics.

Order up! Two more guest beer profiles

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something new on here, so I thought I’d make sure that this week didn’t go by without any activity. Granted, it’s still not much…

So, one of my favorite New Belgium products is their Belgian black ale known as 1554. It’s not your typical dark ale, like a porter or a stout, in that it doesn’t have so much of the roasted and chocolate-type flavors commonly associated with these styles. Rather, it has a surprising amount of the fruity estery characteristics, and for me this makes for a more drinkable beer relative to these other styles. Unfortunately, the sample I put in front of the panel was oxidized, so it had some of those sherry/port and papery/cardboard flavors, but it was still a decent example of this fine beer.

Isoamyl acetate (banana)

The second beer we’ll profile here is from Lost Coast Brewing, and it’s known as Great White. No real descriptor on the label explaining exactly what style of beer this is supposed to fit in that I could find. This beer is unfiltered, and this can unfortunately lead to autolysis, as was the case for this beer. As yeast die off (from high alcohol, age, and/or elevated temperatures) they tend to throw a variety of flavors into the beer which are commonly associated with savory, brothy and meaty flavors. Really, not good. Have you ever tried Marmite or Vegemite? These products (bread spreads popular in England and Australia) are made with autolyzed yeast product, and this flavor is what develops in unfiltered beer as it deteriorates. Interesting to note the comments which mention cleaning products. This has come up now and again with some of our guest beers, and I’m not sure where it comes from.

Lemon Pledge
Cleaning Product
Isoamyl acetate

I also want to solicit any requests anybody might have for beers they think we should taste. If we’ve already tasted them, I’ll put it in the next guest beer profile, otherwise I’ll try to seek it out and give it to my panel. Email address can be found in the “Contact” page above, or just stick it in a comment here.