Nothing new until 2011

I’m installing a new lab this week and go on vacation next week, so I won’t really be in a position to post to the blog for a little while. Even after I get back, we’re remodeling our lab office and putting in new furniture then I train a new hire, so it may continue to be sparse but I’ll try hard to get something out.

Thanks for being patient.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

2 responses to “Nothing new until 2011

  1. Thanks for the awesome blog! Looking forward to lots more entries next year!

    Hope you had a good Hannukah, Bodhi Day, Zamenhof Day, Winter Solstice, Yalda, Saturnalia, Festivus, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and what have you.

  2. Have a Happy Winter Holiday of Your Choice! And a Happy New Year.
    Saw you over at PZ’s place, and thought I’d check it out, since I am a craft beer fan. Looking forward to future reads.

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