Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Overview of Guest Beers – Data from 155 beer tastings

Now that we’re underway, I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the guest beer data we’ve collected over the last year or two.  Pretty much every taste panel I administer (about 3 per week, at the moment) ends with a brief descriptive profiling session focusing on a beer which I have purchased from a local grocer.  Occasionally, I’ll include one of our own rarer beers, but all samples are tasted blind to eliminate bias.  The data presented here is fairly basic, just to provide a general view.  In the future as we accumulate more data we may dig a little deeper and try to uncover some interesting trends.

As a quick overview, here is a chart which shows the relative amounts of beers we’ve tasted from the various breweries;  to date, 155 in all, representing breweries of all types from all over the world. Note the distribution: half of the breweries on the list are only represented by one beer each.  The other half of the breweries represent 118 out of the 155 of samples (76%).   At the moment, Deschutes and Rogue take the top spots with 7 beers tasted each.

Relative numbers of guest beers from each brewery which have been tasted on our panel. Click to embiggen.

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