About this page

This page comes from a desire to help the general beer-drinking public understand beer flavor. The craft beer “revolution” is well underway and entering its sophomore phases with relatively steady growth, even with US beer sales down a bit in 2009. Along with the number of microbreweries and brewpubs still starting these days, it’s apparent that there is a growing interest in beer with more flavor. However, what is not apparent is an interest in learning why so much of this beer is bad. Whether its a brewpub with an infection, a microbrewery pushing out young beer because they don’t have the capacity to meet demand, a macrobrewer putting their beer in clear or green glass, a distributor leaving beer out on a warm loading dock, or an import brewer shipping their beer unrefrigerated, the list of causes of beer flavor defects is long and wide. And in general, unknown by those drinking the beer.

If we can bring a common understanding and vocabulary to describing the beer we like and don’t like, and start persuading beer handlers to better protect their beer, then we can all enjoy the benefits.

About me:

MS, Food Science and Technology (thesis topic: hop polyphenols and bitterness)
BS, Food Science and Technology
Minor, Chemistry
Option, Fermentation Science
Published, Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists

Current Job: Sensory Panel Administrator, American Regional Craft Brewery

For the sake of of myself and my employer, I will take every step to maintain our privacy and anonymity.

The views expressed in this blog are not those of my employer, whoever that may be.


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